Holistic Treatments

Reflexology / 55 mins …€55

A soothing and relaxing treatment of the feet which stimulates the organs and glands of the body.


Acupuncture / 55 mins …€60

Involves the insertion of needles along meridians or channels of energy to restore health and wellbeing.


Reiki / 55 mins …€60

A gentle non invasive energy healing for mind, body & spirit.


Kinesiology / 55 mins … €60

A gentle and non invasive therapy that uses muscle response to detect and correct imbalances in the body. Can help with a range of physical, emotional and digestive disorders.


Ear Candling / 40 mins … €50

A deeply relaxing treatment for relief from sinus problems, ear congestion, headaches and insomnia.


Exfoliating Body Scrub & Hydra Surge Moisturise

40 mins … €50

Deeply cleansing treatment that gently removes dead skin cells revealing clearer, brighter and softer skin.


With full body massage … €100


Exfoliating Back Scrub & Seaweed / peat treatment


40 mins … €50


Cleansing & de-congesting skin treatment

With Back massage … €75

Body Wraps

Deeply relaxing body treatments, providing re-mineralisation and detoxification. Ideal for specific skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Can aid in slimming and for general wellbeing.


Warm Marine Algae Wrap / 90 mins … €90


Peat Body Wrap / 90 mins … €90


Marine Prelude … €80

The ultimate in exfoliation. Smoothes dehydrated and dry skin offering the benefits of relaxation and re-mineralisation. An essential treatment prior to holidays tanning or intensive treatment courses.


LC24 Slimming and Firming Treatment / 90 mins …€90

Intensive treatment for localised cellulite, slackened skin and stretch marks on the hip, thighs and buttocks area. (course of 6 to 12 treatments recommended).


Frigo-Thalgo …€70

A cold wrap that is highly effective in the treatment of cellulite, elimination of toxins and excess fluid and for relieving tired, heavy legs. (course of 6 to 12 treatments recommended).


Thalgomince Pregnancy Treatment … €90

Intensive skin conditioning treatment to help prepare for pregnancy by enriching the skin with marine extracts and vitamin E. This treatment is suitable from three months onwards to improve the skins natural elasticity and to lessen the appearance of stretch marks.


Steam n Peat Body Treat … €50

Ideal to share. Relax and unwind in the steam room while wrapped in a layer of therapeutic, detoxifying peat.


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